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Re: Tell me what you think of my simple flat/fitted/wool stash!

Originally Posted by sweetest View Post
I'm just about done building my stash for baby #3 due in May (this is my first time CD'ing)

I love simplicity and my goal is to ultimately have a very simple stash of all flats, fitted, and mostly wool covers with a few pul covers for padfolding. I'm trying to keep my spending under $600...I think I'm at around $525 with everything listed below (not including the cost of the handknit and upcycled soakers - I already have a lot of the yarn and supplies for those...)

I'm using prefolds in my NB stash, because I wanted them for soaker pads/doublers anyway... Also I was getting nervous about figuring out flats during the NB daze!

Here's my list (red highlights are things I still need to buy, everything else is here or OTW)

Pul Covers:
6 NB (Imse Vimse, prowrap, thirsties, rumparooz)
7 Small (Imse Vimse, prowrap, bummies, thirsties)
2 OS (Econobum)
(?) 2 more OS Covers for Padfolding flats (thinking Grovia shells)

Wool Covers:
2 Wool Wraps (NB and Med Imse Vimse)
OS wool wrap - not sure which one
2-4 handknit soakers each in small, medium, and large
2-4 handknit longies in small, medium, and large

A few upcycled Katrina soakers

6 NB GMD workhorse w/snaps
6 Small GMD workhorse closurless
18 OS Very Baby Closureless fitted made by me (supposed to fit 12 - 35 lbs)

24 preemie prefolds (probably just for doublers)
24 XS Imagine prefolds (will use as doublers when outgrown)
2 GMD prefolds each in S,M,Wide, and Lg (to try before case I hate flats!)
12 Small Diaper Rite Flats
12 Small GMD flats
6-12 Swaddlebees flats (trying to decide if I should order 1 or 2 packs)
12 Large GMD flats

4 snappis
8 Diaper pins
wool wash/wool cure
2 diaper pail liners
fleece liners
48 - 60 reusable wipes (in the process of making these now)

What do you think? Do I have way too many covers (I feel like I do)? Anything else I should add?
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