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Re: student loans

I probably wouldn't consolidate either for above mentioned reasons, and because it is a relatively small amount, and because 2.3% is a great interest rate. Do you know if they are subsidized or unsubsidized? A subsidized loan will not accrue interest if you defer for economic hardship. I would call them up, find out whether you qualify for deferment or how much your monthly payments would be under an income based repayment program. If you are already doing some sort of debt snowball and getting close to paying off other debts, perhaps the ability to pay $80 or $160 a month might happen soon? Otherwise, you may have to pay your other debts more slowly (minimums only), and add this to your current snowball, if possible. I hate student loans! And still have 40K of them! Any chance your parents want to keep paying yours for a while longer?
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