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What if he's still nursing?

Okay, ds is 10 months and still nursing throughout the day and some at night though he'll occasionally sttn but that's once every several nights.

Anyway, in august I will have a chance to go on an overnight camping/MT biking getaway with some girlfriends. I NEVER get this kind of opportunity so the fact that DH said yes is exciting!

But I'm worried if ds is still nursing then or not night weaned, do I just not go? He's been pretty attached to me so part of me hates to leave him but another part of me really needs this chance to do something for me.

He'll be about 17 months. I'm planning on taking the don't offer don't refuse approach when he turns one. He gets a bottle of formula before bed so I don't have to be there for that.

It will be primitive camping so no place to pump but I don't normally pump anyway.

So, thoughts? Tips? Suggestions? I had a similar weekend planned a couple of years ago with the same group but got pregnant so I had to back out.
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