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Re: I'd love hear reviews on Megaroos sized fitteds and AIOs..Action pics a plus :)

i have a nighttime fitted by her and love it.. my LO uses 2 of the 3 inserts and never soaks through. It has a nice but not bulky fit. I can take a pic tonight.

I find them to be true to size, i have a 21lb 1yo who wears a medium with plenty of room to grow. I find her elastic to be comfy too.

I have 40 ETPF by her, some of each kind she offers. I think they are comparable to them in absorbency if not (much more) absorbent. mine is snapless so no idea on the snaps being exposed but im sure you could always get covers for them. my lo rise is 16" too and i dont find them to be too low.
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