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Wink Osocozy PF thread colors & dye advice

I purchased 1 dz NB prefolds & 2 dz infant prefolds on FSOT. Received them today and am having a hard time figuring out which are which without actually measuring. There are 3 different thread colors (natural, green, & blue or purple-can't recall-they're in the wash right now). Does anyone know how to tell the difference?

I know that there really isn't THAT big of a difference but I would like to separate them out and have the NBs at the top of the pile so they get used before being outgrown.

Also, most of them have been dyed previously which is now faded and have some degree of staining. What is the best dye to use in order to get a vibrate color? Will the staining or previous dye job effect the outcome (besides still being stained and having to use a darker dye to color over the previously dyed ones)?

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