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I wonder if you'd consider a home-based business. I am the Social Media Communications Director for eLeMeNO-Pee, Ltd. and we have reps all over Louisiana and Texas who have home- or office-based cloth diaper businesses. We are recently under new ownership and I expect an expansion to come in the future, including hiring in other regions. It wouldn't hurt to contact our Home Office just to establish a connection: The Web site is being renovated, but it can be found at, and my blog is at We're also on Facebook, and our reps really shine there.

When I was a rep, I made a nice income for my family because I didn't have much overhead, being a home-based business. I did sometimes rent a midwife's office in town when I didn't want to take appointments in my home, but the rent was significantly lower than a retail storefront would have been. I did parties, baby showers, and individual consultations and usually sold at least two stashes per party and one stash per shower or consultation, so $500-$1,000 for about an hour and a half's worth of work; obviously that's the sale total, not the profit total, but I'm bound by contracts not to reveal profit margins.

There's training on how to get business without cold-calling, extensive product training, etc. And a brick and mortar store can expect to sell a diaper or two at a time, but a consultation is like the full Mary Kay makeover, you know? You're getting someone interested in but nervous about cloth, teaching her and giving her confidence, and she walks out of there with a full stash of 12-18 diapers, accessories, detergent, your washing magnet, and the promise that you'll help her with any and all issues that arise.
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