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Re: Looking for advice on newborn prefolds

I prefer GMD/Green Mountain Diapers, orange edge/newborn unbleached prefolds, because they are the only newborn prefold that is 4x8x4. I want the extra absorbancy, and they will work as doublers down the road, as my little one gets older. I also love "sized" prefolds because I don't like extra bulky diapers that are too large, on such a tiny new one. I don't mind that my baby will get about 6 weeks use of the newborn, before I go up into the smalls. I have two dozen GMD newborn/orange edge, and 1 dozen newborn/orange edge workhorse fitteds for my little girl right after birth. 6 regular Thirsties wraps for each size, NB/XS, Small, etc.

You could get only 2 dozen and wash more frequently? Then have the next size ready depending on how large or small your baby will be/is?

GMD resell value is nearly exactly what their cost is new, so keep that in mind!

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