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Re: Hard water

Originally Posted by Mamasmurf1981 View Post
Whats dropps? Also, do you think Purex free and clear will be ok? Do you bleach once a week? I bought borax so figure to use that with the Purex daily....then since I have hard water probably not bleach but is there something I can do instead of bleaching?

I have never used purex? i read about a moma yesterday saying it was horrible at getting her stains out and didn't clean well for her. She even tried many versions. But you have to remember, water/machine/how often you wash/additives, what kind of cd's, ect play a huge role in this. Many momas bleach succesfully with hard water. Just bleach some whites and see how they do. You really need more iron in the water (higher levils) to get rusty stains. I bleach every wash, for the last almost 7 yrs. Never had any issue with using it. Just clean diapers. Oxygen/color safe bleach is pretty much just oxy. I like original clorox because it has the 6% disinfectant in it. The scented and others have more like 2%. I don't know of any othe radditive. You should get great results with either borax or calgon. It will really boost the cleaning power of the detergent as well as prevent mineral build-up. Dropps are little pack of liquid detergent. It's the ONLY enzyme free detergent that's worth the packaging in our home. I rotate dropps and original tide liquid. The liquid is all i would use after trying most detergents under the sun. To be honest, tide is worth the price. You will use less because of it's strength and effectiveness. Some other great detergents:gain, arm and hammer with oxy, and all free and clear. Good strong detergents that are tested and tried and true for optimal results. Enzymes and surfactants will be your best friend. I do not care what cd companies have to say, we have had nothing but long lasting and super clean diapers! I still have many of Cayden't original stash! Still in great shape
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