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Re: Using Green Line Diapers at night?

I use GLD at night for Clark! I have done both the cotton covers and fleece lined, and I definitely prefer the fleece lined (we have 4 here and 1 on the way!) The cotton will work, but since it is a breathable cover the moisture tends to wick when the soaker becomes saturated and sits in the cover for a while. I use a trifolded soaker, folded back twice in the front (9 layers total in the wet zone), then a trifolded doubler (so a total of 12 layers of soaker in the wet zone), then a fleece liner. It really is not that bulky either!! I think fitteds with a wool cover are bulkier than this combo. I love that when he gets up his bum is dry, and so are his pj's!! We have not had one leak doing this combo! And Clark sleeps around 10-12 hours in this diaper, with anywhere from 1 to 3 feedings at night. Unfortunately I can't get a good fit on Oliver with the GLD with the extra soakers (he is 38 inches tall so it hits his hips and not his waist), so I use fitteds with wool for him. But I definitely prefer the GLD for sure!
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