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Re: Aug 2011 Babies- January Chat

Originally Posted by sblakeley View Post
Just having a rough day here. MIL started the day by lecturing me about my Facebook status being inappropriate. That was awesome :Yuck: DD was up between 2 and 6 and turned lights on. So when I got up at 6 to feed Stella I had a total freak that someone was in the house and made DH go investigate. And to top it all off I tried to make peace with my SIL and was told I am snotty, ungrateful, offensive person. And her solution is we should be more conciecious of each other. I already censor myself to an extreme. What does she want me to be a mime??? Oh wait I might be to offensive with my mining too... I give up!!! I wasn't even trying to be friends I would just like family events to be less dreadful.
Hugs Mama, fwiw I thought your fb post was fine, of course from a MIL perspective it could have given a bit of a start... for a moment. As far as your SIL, you'll just have to agree to disagree of sorts. There's nothing you're ever going to be able to do to pacify her it seems. Be who you are, and if she can't accept that then that's her problem. I'd be ticked and setting some firm boundaries. No body messes with Mama Bear.

Seriously, I hope you find some sort of resolution for this nonsense. BTW Your friends love you for who you are.
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