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Re: What if he's still nursing?

Thanks mamas! DH is a great dad, but since he works long hours and travels quite a bit, too, I'm sure it will be really hard for him to manage, but I won't worry about that! He'll be fine, he's just not the best multi-tasker! Our oldest one will help him figure out "mommy's" ways of doing things. Even this week with DH gone, my oldest one is really helping more than usual. He's made up his brother's bed, helped him get toothpaste on his toothbrush, cleaned up toys quickly.

Anyway, back to my OP, thanks for the help/tips. Basically it will be Saturday morning we'll leave and go biking all day, camp that night, bike Sunday and come back that afternoon/evening. I can't wait!!

Oh, and I am sending him on a trip with a buddy to either Yosemite or Grand Canyon for his 40th birthday, and he's currently in Australia for business and has a number of other trips this year, so he totally owes me! HA!
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