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Originally Posted by Mamaleah
I've just tried the OS. I have some of the older ones that I got on FSOT and then some of the newer ones. Surprisingly, I think the newest ones I have (got from a store in the past couple months) seem to fit bigger than all the other ones I have (even the new style ones from 7-8 months ago). But that could be because they are newer. The velcro strip on the old style tends to curl, but when on the baby it is fine...but maybe you like the snaps? I just use aplix. I do not know about the fitteds. I also got a OS organic on sale for cheap to try. I like it and it is bigger than the other OS..which I like. But since the organic fabric (hemp) shrinks after being washed the top fabirc above the velcro strip curls a little. But I still really like it and it is fine when on my DS. My DS is 31lbs and 34ish" and these are my favorite diapers!
That is a great review! Think I will try OS for boththe pocket & fitted! Thanks!
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