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Re: Which Fleece covers?

Originally Posted by luvin_my_munchkins View Post
Okay this might be a very dumb question but I've never used fleece or wool before!! So but here is the question these two materials are they kinda waterproof ?? Is that why they use them as a cover ? Don't laugh.. I've just never used them before but I want to try them just want to make sure !!
Fleece and wool both resist getting wet. They will repel moisture back to the diaper. However, they both allow AIR to circulate to your baby's diaper area. This is called "breathing". PUL covers do not breathe as well as fleece or wool. For some little one's this can matter. My son gets rashy with PUL covers so we mainly use fleece (and lately he's become a pushy toddler and has been rejecting his wool covers so we are 100% fleece). The downside is that wetness can eventually pass through fleece or wool. The wool will absorb a little bit of moisture, the fleece won't absorb any. You have to make sure that the diaper has adequate absorbency and that you change it within a reasonable amount of time. Generally, soggy/soaked diapers will leak through fleece or wool.
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