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Originally Posted by mom1mg
Anyone interested in extra children or cats?
I am shipping some out first thing this am when the post office opens. They will be FFS with NO returns! I cover shipping!
Super cute, both cats and one child is house trained - one child is not BUT I can send lots of cloth diapers. If you want to add to your collection one day I have have two other children, and am currently in the process of producing a fifth. The last three aren't available yet as they actually sleep through the night and I am hoping one of them will get a good job and let me live with them when I retire - if they stop sleeping they are ALL yours!

It is 4am. DS age 2 VERY quietly just showed up in my room at 3. THANK goodness he came to me - he can open doors and locks and leave! THEN DS age 8 woke up just as I was getting the little one settled to complain about hurting feet??? I have no idea where, what, how and he didn't explain well. He got a hot water bottle - then the baby started yelling that he wanted one too THEN the bloodly 15 year old cat who doesn't do much decided to PLAY - which caused the not so bright younger cat to get scared and stalk her. SERIOUSLY people/pets. Mama is 26 weeks pregnant and anemic - you are LUCKY I stay awake during the day most days LET ME HAVE the night!!! Everyone is back where they belong BUT I have to stay awake until the two year old is out so that he doesn't decide to wake up and escape/finger paint/eat cat food - you know things that toddlers like to do when awake alone.
I have enough toddler poop and messes thank ya very much lol and cats make my nose itchy lol I think I'm allergic to toddlers and cats lol
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