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Re: BumGenius troubles

It's probably the aplix tab rubbing him. Try the next size snap up. If it's on the small go to medium and if medium go to the large and see if that helps. With my kids this happened often at different times. Thier body type ratio changes so much. Like going from big waist and skinny legs to a little thinner belly and huge thighs and so on. I found the rubbing happened I changed something and then it didn't happen for a bit, then happned again and tweeked again and so on. I think it's normal. Just be aware that every baby is different. What worked well for my 3DD did not all for my 3DD for fit and as well as material allergies down the road. I had a large FB stash for my 3DD and loved them on her. They were the perfect fit and my 4DD it was just a very poor fit I had to destash. Same with the BG's.
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