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Dilley (1hr south of SA)

does anyone know anything about this area?

DH may be going to work down there and the kids and I want to be able to travel with him...we would be staying in a RV...I am currently expecting baby #3 in about 11weeks and have already called around enough to know that there is a hospital in Pearsall that deliverys are i could drive the hr to San Antonio...i am really wanting a VBA2C with this could anyone point me to the best dr/hospital in the area that is vba2c friendly...

even if we decide for me and kids to stay here til the baby is born...i still feel like i should have a backup hospital picked out in case i go into labor while visting DH...we could always just do that til after the baby is born...but i am sooo not looking forward to be without DH so i think i would rather just go ahead and move with him...

not sure how long this job may last...could be a few months or a couple of years (oil field- so you just never know)

thanks for giving me all the good/bad info on Dilley and other areas!!!
**Please forgive any typos!!**
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