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Re: Big Mama's C-section (support)Stories/Tips for Recovery!!!

C-section's are tough to recover from even for the thin ladies! My first was tough because of being put to sleep and the hours of pushing trying for a vaginal birth before hand. I made it worse by not getting out of bed much in the hospital.
C-section #2 wasn't nearly as bad, but I was awake and had a spinal. I got out of bed as soon as I had feeling in my feet again. I kept my pain meds. up so they didn't run out. If they run out, it takes a while for them to catch up with the pain again. I also tried to do a little walking every day.
C-section #3 plus tubal ligation I was up the same day and showered and got real clothes on the next morning. I was in a little more pain than with #2, but not nearly as much as with #1. I never really had any issues with not healing, but I did ask for an abdominal binder after #3 because I felt I needed the extra support for my gut. My best advice would be to only do what you can without pain. No matter what the dr. says, if they say you can lift 20#'s and that hurts then it must be too much for you. If they tell you only 5#'s and you feel fine then you probably are. Listen to your body and you should be fine.
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