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When ds1 turned 1 he was nursing at the same times (give or take a bit) every day - 5am, 8, 11, 2, 5, 7pm (bedtime). When he turned one, I stopped offering the 11 nursing session and we would just nurse if he asked for it. Very quickly he went from nursing about 11 & 2, to just nursing around noon. When I saw how well he was able to communicate when he did want milk, but also how ready he seemed to have fewer nursing sessions & eat more finger foods, I started only nursing when he asked for milk. He dropped the 5pm nursing session, then the 8 am session as well, then he stopped the noon session, then the before bed nursing as well. For about a month he nursed only in the am when he first woke & came In to bed with us, but then I got pregnant & my milk dried up. He continued trying to nurse for a few weeks, but then gave it up. I was so sad the morning he woke and didn't want to nurse. but, I was also happy that he had been largely in control of how he weaned and didn't seem troubled by it at all. I'm glad that we were able to nurse until he was over 16 months.
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