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Originally Posted by Faithsa

Hugs Mama, fwiw I thought your fb post was fine, of course from a MIL perspective it could have given a bit of a start... for a moment. As far as your SIL, you'll just have to agree to disagree of sorts. There's nothing you're ever going to be able to do to pacify her it seems. Be who you are, and if she can't accept that then that's her problem. I'd be ticked and setting some firm boundaries. No body messes with Mama Bear.

Seriously, I hope you find some sort of resolution for this nonsense. BTW Your friends love you for who you are.
Thank I really needed this today I tried emailing it out today. Not any better. I feel slightly better when I talked to my MIL about everything. She was beyond shocked about everything especially the snobby comment.

Taking a step back, I feel BIL is partially to blame as he allows her to treat his family like this. It's not just me either MIL feels the same way. I've been with DH for 10 years, they have been together not even 2. I'm sorry but if my spouse acted like this towards my family we would be having pretty serious words.

Even poor DH feels terrible as talking it out was his idea. He never imagined I would have been attacked like that.

Love you ladies!! Thanks for listening.
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