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Re: adopting from another state question MA-AZ

Originally Posted by TofuScramble View Post
^^ Thank you for the encouragement!
Just talked to my SIL. She said her caseworker didn't seem bothered by the fact that I have 6 kids. She said the caseworker is going to pass the info along to my nephew's adoption caseworker. And next week SIL meets with her lawyer and should know more then too. SIL told her caseworker she'd like to get this done before her trial in September, and the caseworker agreed.
So yeah, I don't know too much about all this stuff, but I'm just hanging in here and open to whatever happens. Trying not to get too excited but remaining hopeful.

I should know more next week!
Remember you are not a traditional foster parent but a relative so the standards are a bit different. Start scrubbing the house down and getting things cleaned up in less its spotless as you will have to have a worker come out and do a home study so that way you don't go into a panic a few days before. They really aren't looking for spotless but its hit or miss with workers and why take the chance. Make a plan (but don't buy) for a bed/dresser (i.e. one picked out at Ikea or where ever) and any extra's you need (car seat but you probably have all that).

If your physicals are not current, get everyone in (since with 6 kids and a husband) its going to take some time. If you are ok with TB tests, get those updated. That way, its all done and you just need the forms filled out. You may or may not need blood tests but you can always go back.

Talk to the worker weekly and make sure to send mail regular and certified putting a formal request in to make sure you are registered as a relative. And, send emails with delivery confirmation also making the request (you can't be to careful). Be very proactive. You know, so they get sick of you and will give you the child just to get you to leave them alone/stop calling.

You'll also need to do clearances but whom ever does your home study will have to give you the forms.

Oh, and you'll need a fire extinguisher. I only mention this as we had to have a specific one and I had to go to several stores to find it as everyone was sold out. They are a good idea to have anyway, but it was a bit frustrating.
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