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Is it redonkulous to even consider fostering at this point??

So its been on my heart to foster for a very long while. I brought it up to DH tonight and he is cautiously ok with it but he is wanting to start back to school in March/April. So he would be working full time and schooling full time while I SAHM. I wonder if it is a bad idea at this point because I am not sure he would have the ability to go to a crapton of classes (if we do this I want to certify to foster/adopt which is a few extra classes). We live in TX BTW.

I guess I am just curious if it is a bad idea to attempt to certify now, but I also worry that if it doesnt get done now, it might never get done. (Make sense??)

Also, how long do classes take to complete?

Thanks inspirational mamas!!
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