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Re: Is it redonkulous to even consider fostering at this point??

Our classes took about two months or so. I think they offer different schedules so they can be completed at different paces. Honestly, I would just certify. You don't have to take a placement until you're feeling comfortable or you find a good fit. We've been licensed since Mayish and haven't had a placement. Not so much a lack of placements, but every one they asked us to take was either a baby ( I have two already ) large sibling sets, or much older then we had intended to accept. On top of that, there were times they called but I was like literally nine months pregnant and then again post c-section (third c-section=3 times as horrible recovery) Now we decided we want to homeschool which throws a whole new wrench in things. I'm ok with it though. These are long term commitments and the timing and/or fit really needs to be right, especially since I have four kids of my own. But at least I'm licensed for when it feels right!
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