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weird place for C/S incision

Hey mommas,

I'm glad to see there's a forum on here about our C/Ss. This is my second C/S-- Ive had to switch doctors and states due to a military move. My new doctor isn't my favorite so far; and, he told me he was going to give me a vertical incision "two-inches below your sternum and remove the baby and placenta from there". He claims it'll be easier recovery than going through (or close to) original horizontal scar in bikini area.

Also, the new doctor wants to give me a gastric "sleeve" during the same surgery b/c i'm 50 lbs overweight... because i'm PREGNANT.

Has ANYONE heard of this or had it done? Should I demand a new OB?

I'm totally confused and a bit miffed he called me "obese" while i'm 36 weeks!
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