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Re: mamas who have had 3 C-sections..

Originally Posted by ankc View Post
Thanks I tried for a vbac last time and was unsuccessful first labor went on close to 36hrs and ended up with a c/s so honestly I have no interest in trying again. for some reason both my kiddos would not come out naturally... My dr has advised a 3rd due to the last 2. GL with # 4 how exciting!!!!
If I were to try for a 3rd, I would be in the same situation. I don't think I would try for a vba2c based on my first 2. Part of why I don't think I'll have another is because I'm afraid of the a third one too. I'm not sure why, neither of mine were traumatic and recovery was easy. The OB did mention that my uterus was fairly thin. I think I'm afraid to put myself in jeopardy knowing that my family needs me. I also remember the pain of the first day trying to get out of bed and to the bathroom because the nurses made me. Although it's still pretty fresh for me since ds2 is only 9 months old.
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