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Re: Planned c-sec for 2nd child

Mine was kinda an emergency and planned at the same time. Baby boy's shoulders and stomach were too big for a vaginal birth. So, due to some preeclampsia they bumped me up 3 weeks. But mine went as planned... got the epi (requested), they turned on some classical music to relax me (requested in birth plan), they gave me a horizonal incision in bikini area, and out he came. No real fuss! Hard part came after surgery with him having to hang out in the NICU for a week and couldn't be brought to my room; but, he gave me a lot of reason to get up and move out of my bed/room.

GL to you and yours!

ps-- forgot to add, if you're not easily grossed out and your doctors offer, you can watch your baby being born through a mirror. i tried but my hubby almost passed out. doc took the mirror away.

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