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Re: Planned c-sec for 2nd child

If you don't go into labor and everything goes smooth, a scheduled cs is pretty calm. You show up at the time they tell you, change into the hospital gown, get your blood drawn and Iv put in and wait to be taken into the OR.
Once in there, they will prep you, and the anesthesiologist will give you a few numbing shots into your back before doing your spinal block. They will lay you down and hook you to the blood pressure arm cuff and put up the drapes. My dr didn't allow me to watch the birth, I
They did follow the rest of my birth plan though which was awesome.
They will start the incision right before bringing in your dh, he will sit next to you while they do this all, you can write a birth plan and also tell your dr if your dh wants to cut the cord.
They will get baby out and then begin closing you up. Depending on the dr, it can be fast or slow, when I had my dd and ds2, the dr had me open and closed back in recovery in 15 minutes, this cs I had 5 days ago, different dr and it took LONG imo.
You can request the baby be brought to you in recovery as well, my cs went pretty good aside from taking longer than I expected and I felt sick due to the dr sticking his arm all up in my belly.
Make sure once the numbness wears off, you start moving your legs, they should put these blue things on your legs that squeeze and release a lot, those are to circulate your blood flow so you don't get any blood clots.
Don't be afraid to ask for pain meds at any time. I hope your cs goes smooth. My recovery is harder this time, this is my third c/s and was a lot different than my last two.
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