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Private BM sharing question

So I have a huge excess of milk that I wanted to donate. I found a woman on Eats on Feets that wanted it. We started to make plans and first she asked me to drive 2-3 hours o meet, yikes! I turned this option down and now she plans to have me ship it, she pays...much better option for me. So now that we are working out this plan I have SO much anxiety. What if I need this milk? What if she does not pay me the $40-50 it will cost to ship? Why doesn't she ask me any questions about my health, how I store the milk, do I drink/smoke? I would be very paranoid about getting milk and feeding it to my Lo, why doesn't she appear to be? I cannot believe I am being so protective over my milk....I think it really bothers me that we will not meet, I will not meet this baby, I will have no idea who she is and how she uses my milk.

I need a little encouragement to go through with this, tell me about your milk sharing experiences or tell me that I am just being paranoid. Please?!?
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