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Re: Private BM sharing question

I have a low supply and have had several different milk donors. One is a good friend, I've seen her and her baby and I know her habits so I was totally comfortable with her. For the others, I met them on human milk for human babies on Facebook. I tend to go with the theory that if they are feeding their own child breast milk then they probably have healthy habits, because who would deliberately risk their child's health. I also think that if someone is posting on a forum like eats on feets or hmhb that they are probably fairly crunchy with values similar to mine. I do ask about health habits, smoking, drinking, etc.. but I never asked for any test results.

I can't speak to shipping issues since I've always just driven to the donor or arranged a pick-up with a nearby friend. I'm lucky that there seem to be plenty of people willing to help within a 1-2 hour drive.

Kudos to you for thinking about donating! As someone who relies on donor milk for my son to thrive... my donors mean the world to me and I am so appreciative.
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