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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

Originally Posted by Lisathena View Post
My opinions are NOT based on that womans post. I truely thought it could help. I had no idea it would get picked to shreds.

My opinions are based on many hours of research/videos and books read...balanced books So i am happy w/ my decision and dont need to go into it further.

i appreciate your response...i truly dont think you can trust any "statistics" they all probably sway the way the original party wants them too....there is no concrete way to know...

As a parent you just need to read/study and come to a decision best for your family. I have done that...

But, I do give statistical studies credibility based on who funds them and peer review. I'm in psychology so I understand how clinical research can be very helpful and we (our society) base A LOT on them. However, there have been many clinically "sound" studies that have been proven wrong, biased, and invalid over the years that were initially accepted. There have also been plenty of medical procedures/practices that were initially introduced as safe only to be found unsafe and recalled. In addition, long term effects are almost impossible to truly know.

Again, to each family their own educated choice!
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