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Re: Private BM sharing question

Only you can decide if you may need the milk later. If you aren't ready to give it away, then that's ok. Maybe you'd feel better if you had a stash for donation and a stash for yourself.

When I have shipped milk, it has been charged directly to the recipients FedEx account--I didn't pay for it in advance at all. Maybe see if you can set something like that up. It often saves the recipient on shipping costs if they have an account, too.

None of my recipients have ever asked me about any medical testing, my health, smoking or drinking, drug use, etc. (One prospective recipient did ask, but then didn't take any milk--hopefully not because of my answers! I'm a pretty clean-living person.) They have all met me in person when coming to get the milk, though--so they can see me and my babies. I wonder if it feels sort of like a taboo to the some recipients to ask about testing or drug use--as if it's acting ungrateful or something? I certainly don't mind being asked those things, but I can see that it might feel that way to ask.

I dunno--just like I don't think that women are pumping themselves full of drugs, then pumping milk and donating it to other babies, I don't think most people are seeking out breastmilk and then using it for nefarious purposes (aside from a few ******izers). I think it's just mothers looking for milk for their babies who often don't do well or stay healthy on anything but breastmilk, and they can't provide it all themselves. It's not an easy situation to be in and I feel for them.
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