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Re: Nursing 1-year old

Thanks everyone! I should have mentioned that I, too, nurse on demand and will continue to do so. He's never taken a bottle and I'm home with him all but two mornings/week and then he's just across the street while I work so they just call me to come nurse when he's hungry.

We don't really have a schedule and never have, but as we started to introduce solids, I always nursed before offering them and still try to just to get as much good milk in him as I can. I just wondered at what point you stopped nursing before meals and just nursed on demand. He's so wiggly and into *everything* these days that I often wonder how much he's really drinking and since I don't pump I have no idea. I know he's still getting enough and am not worried about it, but I am curious!

I'm new here, but already love chatting and hearing everyone's opinions/feedback. Thanks
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