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Re: Hit or miss with 11 day old-ranting!-and no poo in 4-ish days

Originally Posted by sashapigg View Post
How often does she spit up? Does she arch her back and get mad when you try to nurse her?
she doesn't actually spit up, unless she has taken in so much milk and just hasn't swallowed! she likes to just suck and suck and milk continues to flow of course. so it isn't something that i really notice. tho, the occasions that she does it seems to be a little chunky. (i think) she doesn't arch her back. are you thinking intussuception?

she finally pooped today, it was pretty big as expected. it still seems to be transitioning poo tho i think. it's not 100% yellow, but it smells like BM poo. i don't know what to think. today is she 15 days old and her last poop was last wednesday. she had some staining twice but nothing significant. idk. i have never heard of them pooing so infrequently.

the other thing i noticed is that she is spacing her feedings more than in the beginning. she was so good about nursing every 2-3 hours. i notice tho in the last two days (counting today) i have to wake her to eat. this morning we slept from 5:30 in the morning until 12:30! i freaked out and immediately put her on. and her feeds are lasting as long. again this just started yesterday but she is on for maybe 30 minutes which i know is the norm but hadn't been for her. am i being paranoid?

today we were going to go get a breast pump and see a LC but it took me over 40 minutes just to get out the door, and when i did we were too late. (a lot of other things happened in the middle but either way we were too late

I hope i am not being too lackadaisical with her.
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