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Re: Nursing 1-year old

My LO is 13.5 months. He still mostly nurses. He nurses when he wakes up, sometimes an hour or two later, then right before his morning nap, as soon as he wakes from his nap, sometimes after another hour or two, before his afternoon nap, after his nap, about 2 hours later and before bed. Then he nurses anywhere from 1-4 times during the night, averaging about 2. I'd say he nurses anywhere from 8-12 times in a 24 hour period of time. I do still nurse before solids, but really its more that I offer solids after he has nursed, if that makes sense. I think the milk is still superior to cheerios, etc. and from what I've read, its normal for most babies to keep breastmilk as their primary food source up to age 2. I'm fine with that. I just follow what LO wants to do. For a while, I offered to nurse him at times when I thought he would want to but now that he's a little older, he comes to me and pulls on my shirt and face plants into my chest. I get the message pretty easily.
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