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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

Originally Posted by Lisathena View Post
My opinions are NOT based on that womans post. I truely thought it could help. I had no idea it would get picked to shreds.

My opinions are based on many hours of research/videos and books read...balanced books So i am happy w/ my decision and dont need to go into it further.

i appreciate your response...i truly dont think you can trust any "statistics" they all probably sway the way the original party wants them too....there is no concrete way to know...

As a parent you just need to read/study and come to a decision best for your family. I have done that...

I agree that people need to do their own investigation into what is best for their child. For some people that is as simple as talking with their pediatrician. What I don't understand is offering posts like that Facebook post to support a position. IMHO when people utilize posts like that one, it does nothing to help inform others. If there is good information out there for people to read, then I would offer the names of those books or links to those sites.
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