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4 evap lines don't just happen....

Lol, looks like I will be going joining the 10/2012 club!!
Dh walked into the bathroom saw the sticksl lined up on the counter "well they're faint," me: "4 of them." DH started laughing and asking what we should name "him."
We were "avoiding" but then you see I had spotting with ovulation for the first time ever and I jokingly asked dh if he wanted to go forb twins.....we dtd two days after O but still in the baby making window....
So anyway it looks like October 10th ish based on conseption I am on day 34 of my cycle but it was only my 2nd o since the ds2. So for a couple weeks we will have 3 under 3!! I have an October 09 and an April 11, both boys!
Hope to get to knowb you all over the next months!!
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