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Re: so far so good!

I had HB will all my pregnancies and my babies come out with a good amount of hair.

*My last baby only stuck around for 7 weeks, just long enough to start into the sickness... but I don't think I ever actually got sick.

*My sickest pregnancy was a boy. I didn't move off the couch for weeks. Literally. It was horrible. I wasn't just sick to my stomach, I was also tired like I've never been tired before. My skin was completely broken out in cystic type acne, along with my chest. I was miserable... and then I lost him at 17 weeks.

*Ruby was my baby before that. And I was pretty darn sick with her too. When MS hit I spent 2 weeks on the couch (missing work) barely able to keep anything down- then I got an Rx for Zofran and it was like the clouds parted and the sun started shining again! I had to take it through my entire pregnancy. I had a few breakouts but NOTHING like with my boy.

*Before that was Adeline. I was sick in the morning and just before bed every day from 6w. to the end of my pregnancy and pretty icky feeling in general... but it wasn't terrible or unbearable.

*Paige was my text book pregnancy. I was sick for a minute when I woke up from about 6w until about 10-12w... I felt great throughout my entire pregnancy. Being 17 and pregnant isn't ALL bad, believe me.

My best friend was super sick with her girl and not with her boys... so maybe it's different from mama to mama.
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