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Re: Thrush/Yeast Infection of the Nipples

Jack Newman Yeast Protocol

Everything I'll write below is covered in the above link.

How have you been washing your laundry (bath towels, bras, diapers, etc.)? You can keep spreading yeast on clothing too. Use either bleach or grapefruit seed extract in your laundry to keep your laundry yeast free. You can also use grapefruit seed extract, alternating with diluted apple cider vinegar to wash your nipples and baby's mouth. Grapefruit seed extract can be taken orally to help fight it from inside too.

Also increase intake of probiotics to help boost your immune system. Maximum dosages are about 60 billion cultures per day. Do not start at 60 billion if you don't currently take probiotics or you will get diarrhea. Be sure to buy refrigerated probiotics (as ones that are sitting on the shelf lose efficiency quickly), taking whatever dosage that is on the bottle and gradually working up to 60 billion (if necessary). You can also give your baby probiotics which will help fight the yeast she has.

What nipple cream are you using? If you are using nystatin, it may make sense to switch to something else, like miconazole. Miconazole (also known as Monistat) can be used safely on your nipple (without wiping off before feeding) to help treat thrush. This is the method we use.

Other foods to avoid include all processed foods (think white flour, white rice) and fruits naturally high in sugar like bananas.

Also, if you are using any pacifiers, bottle nipples or breast pumps, they all need to be sanitized or you will never get rid of the yeast.

Worst case scenario, take a print out of the link I posted and go back to your doctor for more Fluconazole. Make sure that you get the stronger dosage recommended by Jack Newman, not the "standard" recommendations most doctors have.

FINALLY, it is possible that you don't have yeast. If you see true yeast in your daughter's mouth, she probably has it. Not seeing it doesn't mean she doesn't, but seeing it helps confirm diagnosis. BUT, you could also/insteadbe dealing with:
-irritation from the vinegar
-irritation from something in the nipple cream you were prescribed

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