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October 2012 introductions :)

Let's get to know each other! I'll start:

Name?: Sheena

Age?: 32

Children?: 3 girls, in my siggy

Occupation?: Currenly SAHM, was an Esthetician

Favorite color?: Pink, obviously.

Favorite food?: If coffee were a food, it would be my favorite... but since it's not, I'll pick cookies. Chocolate chip.

Hobbies?: Besides running carpools from dance team, to soccer and back again? :P I have sewing machine and tons of knitting stuff that I really will learn how to use someday!

Number of months TTC?: Not sure exactly, a little over 24.

How many babies do you want?: 5... but DH only wants 4 so until I'm pregnant with twins, this will be our last.

Type of birth planned?: Homebirth! Yey! I'm SUPER excited about this. It'll be my first.

Blog/website?: I'm boring and only have FB and Pinterest:

Anything else you want to share?: I am in an eerily similar position as I was with my last pregnancy.
Last time we were in the middle of buying our (dream) home- we actually technically bought the house, as all the papers were signed and the only thing left was for the sale to be recorded... and the seller backed out. No I'm not joking, and not it's not legal. But because they were getting foreclosed on we really couldn't do a darn thing about it! So we lost our house... and I lost my baby... AND I hit my last lost babys due date, all within weeks of each other. It really was an awful dark time.
THIS time, we are in the process of buying the same home (it's now bank owned so zero chance of the seller backing out!), I'm very newly pregnant again... and my son's loss date in next month.
So to say I am a little freaked out right now would be a bit of an understatement. FX'd this is just the universe righting itself! :P
(okay, I didn't mean to write a book about myself! LOL!)
Sheena, SAHM to: PaigyPrincess, AddyBoo, RubyJane, And Mr.Nolan

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