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Re: *May 2011 Mamas - February Chat Thread*

Oh my goodness, what cute babies. DS is still such a skinny man compared to these guys! Definitely did not get my genetics there, that's for sure.

DS is commando crawling ALL OVER, getting on hands and knees and rocking, pulling himself into boxes and onto his knees (SO CUTE), and climbing all over me. He's eating so much and loves feeding himself. Still just has two lower teeth, no uppers. Sleeping well for the most part. And seems generally very happy!

Here's a fun question (and I only ask it so I can share) - what's the cutest thing your baby does?

DS does this thing where if he puts a round curved thing in his mouth (like a cup or something) he moves his head back and forth and makes a sound but his mouth opens and closes on the object. So the sound ends up being something like "aaaabbaaa aaabaaa aaaabaaa." Sometimes he does it to my cheek. I like to think it's a kiss
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