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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Alice

Children?: just one pup Soqueta!

Age: 25 now, 26 when baby arrives

Occupation?: desperate housewife... I do lots of yoga if that counts. I was going to go to work starting next month but now probably not. I should of been working long before but the whole learning a new language thing kinda threw me for a loop but I've been here 3.5 years now so that's not really a valid excuse.

Favorite color?: Blue.

Favorite food?: I'm the most carnivorous person I know. I'm 100% happy eating 100% meat. So I guess that? And second to that is lemon sorbet. (Favorite liquids? Wine and coffee are tied.)

Hobbies?: Reading, yoga, playing with my dog, living vicariously through my friends on facebook, complaining about living in Argentina, bragging about living in Argentina, and now due to Sheena's bad influence... stalking spots corner for fluff, etc etc. I'm sure all you busy mamas hate me for my life of leisure but as my husband loves to remind me, that's coming to an end come October And I couldn't be happier.

Number of months TTC?: 8 months... I had a chemical at 6.5 weeks in July, which was our first month TTC. That wasn't fun especially since it took 8 months to get another bfp and everyone and their mother got pregnant during the time. But I'm sooo grateful for what it taught me... about the struggles women go through. I realize now one early loss and 8 months TTC is nothing and I have nothing to complain about. And I made such great friends on the TTC #1 board. I'm desperate for one or two of them to join me.

How many babies do you want?: I say 4 but I'm going to take it one by one. If we're happy and fulfilled with one, then that's perfect. If we end up wanting a 5th or happy after 3 o whatever, that's perfect too.

Type of birth planned?: Hospital. It's not even legal to have home births here. But that's okay. They have fancy pants maternity hospitals and I want the after care pampering and to come home to a clean home, etc. I will have a doula too... whose actually an American nurse. Random fact.. they shave babies heads here. Which strikes me as totally weird. Nobodies gonna be shaving my baby's head. That's for sure.

Blog/ website?: Blog link in my siggie (click on my name) >>>> I also have pinterest. I LOVE pinterest

Anything else you want to share?: In case I haven't mentioned it 950,000 times, I live in Argentina. My husband is Argentine. I met him while studying abroad here in in 2008. I was supposed to stay here 6 months and almost 4 years later, I'm still here. The first question everyone asks me you plan to return to the US? And the answer is no. Also... I'm fully bilingual and becoming fully bilingual as an adult is a traumatizing experience. I don't recommend it. Do your kids a favor and force them to learn like 12 languages before that age of five just in case they fall in love with a foreigner
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