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Re: Is it redonkulous to even consider fostering at this point??

Originally Posted by bluecandi View Post
Silly, how does it work with a private agency?? Also were/are you in the DFW area?? I did not know that cps worked with private agencies......or is that just for adoption??

Feeling lost lol

Thanks for the kick in the behind!! Im going to get it started.
We're in the Austin area. Here in our region you can only be licensed to foster or adopt through private agencies. It looks like there are some private agencies in your area. I think our agency may have a location in Dallas, but I can't find the info on their website. If you look at the introductory meeting schedule it should list local private agencies, but we went to a county first meeting and they provided a list of private agencies. Most large county areas in Texas have private foster agencies. It relieves the burden on CPS. Our agency trains us, monitors us, checks on the children, offers training and support and just so much more. I love being in a private agency.
SAHM to my Dd(6/08) , Ds (9/12) and foster mom. Always praying for our five former foster kids.

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