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Re: any April mammas still out there?

So far so good! 2 weeks of being in diapers full time and no rashes at all! I did end up switching to sposies for night because she kept peeing out of the legs of her diapers. I haven't used the new RaR's yet because I'm still prepping them (I wash, then start using, wash, use again, wash, use once more, wash, then night time). I'm sure they'll work fine for overnight but I've noticed that side snapping diapers fit her the best.

Skinny tummy but chunky thighs. If I get the diaper tight enough for her tummy her thighs get sores from the elastic. I have some older style fuzzi bunz that don't do that but the elastic is getting tired in the legs--along with older BG 2.0's and 3.0's that have tired elastic (still works great for my 3.5 year old for overnight but not so great on the baby).

I'm not looking forward to sending all those diapers off for elastic replacement but it needs to be done since they're still perfectly fine. Oh, the diaper buying bug!
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