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Re: Is back to breast possible?

I feel ya, we are in the same place and can't find much info...and I agree everything talks about relactation which isn't the problem. DD had to be supplemented with ebm in the beginning and around 7 weeks started refusing the boobs. I was devastated We have tried everything but even our ibclc is surprised how stubborn she is. She won't even look twice at a nipple shield, and even tough I have an sns to try I don't think it will work if she won't latch kwim? She gets fussy when she sees my SHIRT go up. I have tried to make peace with it, and I'm committed to ep'ing as long as needed even though it SUCKS and is the reason I'm on here at !:30 instead of sleeping!! I also struggle with low milk supply, so no skipping pumps for me...I can't even read about these women producing so much milk they throw it away...agh! It sounds like you have more in your favor than I do if at one time she took the shield. The kellymom info is the best I've seen, it's just hard to implement in reality...I mean already our lives revolve around feeding and pumping all day. I would read up on maintaining your supply at kellymom as well - good info. I just kind of had to let go of it....I don't think there's any special trick...I will continue to offer it to her and maybe one day she'll surprise me! The thing is I don't want it to become a negative thing and interfere with our I'm trying to get over it and not take it personally. Of course she wants it the easiest way! I've also tried to find other ways of being close with her, and I feel good about how that's going. Feel free to pm me - I've read everything and been to the ibclc a billion times. One thing she suggested that might help you - go buy a medela "calma" bottle - they just came out but are supposed to be the most like breastfeeding and good for switching from bottle to breast. However it's just another bottle, so it won't necessarily get her to latch per say - that's the root problem. Anyway I'm here if you need to vent or discuss options!
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