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Re: so far so good!

My oldest came out with a TON of hair. I wish I had a pic to post. They're on the other computer. The nurse said to me, "We NEVER see white babies with that much hair." And, I had no heart burn. Not once. AND, he has a FULL head of red hair. So, I got asked ALL THE TIME if I had heart burn during pregnancy.

My pregnancies have all been difficult, except for the 2 I lost. Just super sick for long periods of time. I have to say though, my daughter's pregnancy was the worst. AND she was one of those super flippy babies. I was already in so much pain and then she'd go nuts in there and oh, it hurt. Did you know a baby can kick you in the sternum? Yep, they can. And she did. And it hurts WAY more than rib kicks. With all 3 of my kids, I lost weight in the beginning of the preg just b/c I couldn't eat much b/c of the sickness. So once I started gaining again, I had to regain what I'd lost, and then start gaining for real. With Kian, I only gained 17 pounds total. With Felicity, I was SUPER emotional/hormonal. I told my husband that I was convinced there was a girl in there (we never find out) b/c I felt like I was on estrogen overload. It seriously felt like that. And, I was right.
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