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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Jenny

Children?: 3. Logan is 6, Felicity is 4, and Kian is 2. + 2 angels

Occupation?: SAHM

Favorite color?: I like color combinations more than just plain old colors, and my fav combo currently is gray and orange.

Favorite food?: Avacado, salt and vinegar chips, Its It, mushrooms sauteed in onion.

Hobbies?: SEWING! I'm seriously obsessed. Its my therapy. I also like crafting in general and have been getting into crafts using old book pages lately.

Number of months TTC?: We stopped preventing in March of last year I think, and this is my 3rd pregnancy since then.

How many babies do you want?: From here on out, its in God's hands. So we shall see. I honestly love the thought of a big van full of kids.

Type of birth planned?: I don't know. My kids were all hospital births, and I learned so much through each of them. I'm now a TOTAL home birth supporter, and REALLY want a homebirth, but we shall see. We live VERY far away from a hospital. The OB wanted to take my daughter via C section b/c she was having SCARY decels the whole labor. Thank goodness her labor was fast b/c when the ob had had enough, I was pushing. But, those thoughts of her coming out bone white and being strangled in the cord haunt me. If not a homebirth, than birth center. BUT, the birth center is far away too and my last two came so fast. I think if we attempted to get to the birth center (or hospital for that matter) we'd likely have a car delivery. So, then I go back to the home birth idea. So we'll have to think about it carefully, but we lean towards homebirth.

Anything else you want to share?: I'm a homeschooling Mama. We are in our 2nd year and its never been easy. I had no idea it would be like this. BUT, we WANT to find our groove, so we continue on. I am currently ordering another curriculum, so we will try a different path as soon as it comes and I have high hopes in that. My sister and I will most likely become doulas together. Its just a matter of finding the right time in life. I absolutely LOVE my husband. He's amazing. I love God, and that flows out of me sometimes, but I hope it doesn't offend anyone. I never intend to. I just type my train of thought and He is in it a lot. We are urban homesteading wanna bes. Last Spring was our first go at it and we are looking forward to making changes and learning more this Spring. I LOVE to garden and love love love eating food we grew. My friends call me a hippie (b/c they don't know the term "crunchy"), but compared to a lot of mamas on here, I'm not even close. I am scared to death of losing this little one and I'm praying hard they will be in my arms and nursing away this October. Feel free to "meet" my family and I on my blog (in my siggy). Just don't mention the pregnancy. We don't plan to tell people for a long time.
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