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Re: What (natural) choices/options do I have with a hospital birth?

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
You can decline the PKU. It's actually not accurate if done on breastfed babies before the mom's milk comes in and since that can take up to 5 days, doing a PKU before they leave the hospital is not an accurate measure of if they present with some of the symptoms. The best thing to do is get it done at the ped or come to the hospital lab about 24 hrs after your milk comes in. They do it before discharge to cover their butts, but if you read the literature they hand out, it even says it's not accurate to do it before the mom's milk comes in.
And even though it is a "law" in my state, you still don't have to do it.
I would do the PKU before you go, some things can be caught before milk comes in, and if your baby has one of those (rare) disorders, they should not breastfeed (depending on the disorder, the PKU tests for a gazillion things). If you decide not to do it until your milk comes in, and then things get busy, and you don't do it right away your baby could have permanent neurological damage. I would not advocate that women don't get the PKU in the hospital. If you want to get it in the hospital, and then for a more accurate result redo it after your milk comes in, I think that is a viable option. But just because it is not as accurate before the milk comes in, does not mean that the entire test is invalid.

Also, I was looking for some info about inaccurate results before milk comes in and I'm not finding reputable information. Just stuff from biased places like gentle birth and so on. I'd like some info and stats on that.

Do they do the newborn screen twice now? Dh's working so much I never see him anymore, so I can't ask him.
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