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Re: What (natural) choices/options do I have with a hospital birth?

I think having a doula is a great idea- sometimes you can even get a student doula for free or at a lower cost- you just have to look around and find one you like and that works well with you. That way you have an advocate for your wishes there in the hospital.

Also, it is important to remember that if you don't like a nurse ( one that is taking care of you or your baby) you can have them replaced. My doctor was awesome when it came to me having a natural peaceful birth in the hospital- the only problems I had were with the nurses. Just remember that they can be replaced. You are paying them and if they aren't delivering the type of service you want then you can find a nurse who will be more supportive of you.

All hospitals have rules that they say you must follow but in the end it is 100% up to you as to what interventions you are willing to allow.
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