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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Amber

Children?: 2 boys, Mason & Isaac

Occupation?: SAHM for almost 3 years now

Favorite color?: Blue

Favorite food?: Chocolate. Pizza. Cheese (which is unfortunate because I'm lactose intolerant lol)

Hobbies?: Surfing the interwebs, watching obscene amounts of tv, reading

Number of months TTC?: NTNP for about a year, actively TTC since Aug

How many babies do you want?: Baby #3 will be our last, I always wanted 4 but DH only wanted 2 so we met in the middle

Type of birth planned?: Hospital birth, hoping for a second VBAC

Anything else you want to share?: I am unfortunately not at all excited about this pg, even though it was planned, I'm just too worried and stressed out about having another m/c to enjoy any of it or even entertain the thought that I will end up actually having a baby in Oct. I also desperately and irrationally want a girl. I love my little men more than anything, and wouldn't trade them for all the girls in the world, but theres this part of me that wants a daughter more than I can even express. I don't understand why I want one so bad, but I do, I was bummed when I found out DS1 was a boy and I was literally depressed when I found out DS2 was another boy. So since this will be our last I am hoping against hope that I will finally get a pink bundle.
Amber Wife to Chris (Dec/06) Losses Apr/08 (13w) & Oct/11 (7w)
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