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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Cindy

Children?: 1 daughter, Makenna, who just turned 3 at the end of Jan.

Occupation?: SAHM since my daughter's birth. I worked in investment banking prior to that.

Favorite color?: Today it's green

Favorite food?: Chocolate and cupcakes (preferably chocolate). Major sweet tooth!

Hobbies?: Reading, yoga, going on walks, spending way too much time online

Number of months TTC?: We have been trying for #2 for almost 2 yrs! In that time I've had a chemical, a 10 week miscarriage and gone through oodles of fertility treatments. We finally did IVF to get this one!

How many babies do you want?: I thought maybe I wanted 3 but I know that after we finally have a take home baby, we won't be putting ourselves through this again.

Type of birth planned?: I can't decide. I had my daugher in the water at a birth center. I was so set on having a homebirth for #2. But having spent 15k on fertility treatments, I am not sure I want to spend 5k on a homebirth when I can have a hospital birth covered 100%. I have decided I will wait until the 2nd tri to decide. I had just picked out a midwife when I had my miscarriage.

Anything else you want to share?: I am really super scared to jump into a due date club for fear of jinxing myself. But I told myself I want to celebrate this pregnancy every day and try not to worry. I had no reason to worry last time yet I worried and worried until something bad finally did happen. I am not happy to hear of so many others that have suffered miscarriages too, but it makes me feel more ok going ahead and introducing myself!
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