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Re: What (natural) choices/options do I have with a hospital birth?

We called the midwife that did my last home birth, and I'm waiting to hear back from her. She sounds like she would be happy to do another home birth with me, even though I've had an OB for my care thus far. I just had a home birth with her last April (delivering my 2nd surro-daughter), and it was wonderful and super, super easy. She basically was just there to observe, and then cut cord and help with baby after. I just LOVED her, and it was an amazing experience.

We took the hospital tour, and it was the same-o, same-o. She told me after birth they would cut the cord, take baby away to be looked at measured and warmed. She said sometimes they allow baths in the room if you refuse to have your baby leave for it's bath, and that they prefer to do all the testing stuff in the nursery. I told her we wouldn't need a bath at all, and that I would prefer to have the cord clamping/cutting delayed for a while. She went on about how that is 'questionable' as a good thing. She mentioned they use to squeeze blood down the tube and "rush" it to the baby, and then it would create too many blood cells. Well.. I said "wait" to clamp the cord, not "rush the blood in", and DH pointed that out to her. The lady giving us our tour was the Lactation Consultant, but she must be very involved based on all she knew and 'did' besides just LC advice.

She said she has been there for a LONG time, and there was ONE time a lady gave birth standing up next to the bed, because the OB "let" her. They have a tub, but you can't deliver in it, so you get out way before pushing, and have to be on the bed for pushing. They did have birthing balls, and stuff. It 'seemed' more natural, but yet... not. So I get a birthing ball, but I still have to deliver on the bed with my feet in stirrups.. yay.

SO... we are going to see how much the midwife would charge, and most likely do a home birth. I still want DD to have all the testing done she needs, so we will schedule an appointment with the pediatrician now so we have that set up. Do you just call a peds office and ask for an appointment? How would this work? I have never done this before, because with DS we just kept whatever pediatrician came in at the hospital to see us when I delivered.
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